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5 Ways To Boost The Value Of Your Home

March 9, 2016

Fixing up your Kitchen is a Recipe for success

If you had to choose just one room to improve then the kitchen is by far and away the most popular option for improvement these days. It is often the first room that potential buyers will think of when they look at a property as it is the heart of the home and generally somewhere that a lot of time is spent.

Whereas a lounge or bedroom can be imagined as an empty space for a prospective purchaser to bring their own furniture in to, the kitchen will largely be taken on as seen with units, the cooker and sink being retained.

If your kitchen is old and tired a buyer will be thinking about having to replace units and remodel the whole room, which is an added expense, but if you have spent some time and money on it you may well have increased the value by a lot more than your investment. Think about replacing cupboard doors and worktops, taps and maybe even a brand new cooker.

Make sure your Bathroom Scrubs up well

Although it is quite a functional space it is still worth giving some love to the bathroom. A whole new suite is not that expensive and will stand out in a good way. A power shower and high quality fixtures and fittings give a touch of luxury and class to what is often the smallest room in a house, but no less important because of it.

Add a conservatory to bring the outside in

If you have the space and are keen to create an extra room then a conservatory is one of the simplest ways to add great value to a property. Unlike an extension you will not need planning permission and for a small investment the return can be incredible. If it is done well and in keeping with the look of your house you will not only be bringing in extra light and space, but you will be adding a sense of elegant style too.

First impressions count

The first thing that anyone sees is the exterior of your property, whether in an estate agents photo or walking to your front door. Making sure it looks well cared for is key when it comes to a good initial impression, but it’s frequently forgotten when we are so used to seeing it every day.

Easy fixes are a neatly mown lawn and well-tended garden that’s free of weeds, but going the extra mile and having your windows cleaned, replacing tired guttering or a new front door can be an inexpensive way to show your home in its best light.

A fresh lick of Paint goes a long way

Perhaps the cheapest option to give your home a quick boost in value is a new coat of paint, both inside and out. Go for neutral colours as they will appeal to the widest range of people and help to create a sense of space and calm. If budget allows, go one step further and look to replace old carpets, as buyers tend to overestimate the potential cost of renovations when viewing houses and this is not an expensive job, but will once again give a fresh, clean feel to your home.

Martin Hawksby is the founder and a co-director at Hawksby’s Estate Agents in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. With over 30 years’ experience, Martin has a fantastic knowledge of the property market and understands what makes properties sell fast.

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