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7 Easy Ways to Improve your Home with Technology

May 9, 2016

Home is certainly the most important place in our lives. Place where we can relax and regain our strength after everyday challenges. Lately, we tend to ignore investing in our homes and improving them because of modern life rush, but we have to be aware that in order to save our health (mental and physical) and our money we need to improve our homes regularly. Fortunately the development of modern technologies allows us to improve our homes and thus quality of our lives, easily. Here are some suggestions.

Smart thermostat

It controls the temperature of your home automatically and maintains a more energy efficient temperature while you’re outside. Smart thermostat tracks your location via application installed on your smartphone and adjusts the temperature of your home accordingly. It recognizes when the household is empty and when you are on your way home. If you get one of these, you can expect reduced energy consumption and warm home when you come back from a trip.

Timer for a water heater

Timer is a simple device that turns on and off the electricity on a schedule that you specify. With its help, your water heater can be turned on only during the night. Also, you can set it to turn off the water heater while you are away and to turn it back on the day before you come home.

LED Lighting

Regular light bulbs release a significant amount of heat. Their efficiency is less than 30% because over 70% of the energy, they produce, goes to the heat emitted during their operation. On the other hand, LED bulbs are more energy efficient because over 80% of their energy is converted into light. To switch from regular to LED bulbs you will need a bigger initial investment, but it will pay off after short period of time.

Smart blinds and drapes

Smart motor that runs drapes automatically can be programmed to close the drapes during the hottest time of day in order to keep the house cool, or to open the drapes during winter days to let the sunshine in. This will help you save the energy needed for heating and cooling.

Robot Vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming sucks. So who wouldn’t want to have a little robot to take over that boring chore. There are a lot of robot vacuums on the market today, but no matter which one you chose everything will be perfectly vacuumed every day, as if the housekeeper is in your house 24/7.

Steam cleaner

Besides your home being spotless, the most important benefits of owning a steam cleaner are reduction in cleaning costs (you will not need expensive chemicals anymore) and allergens removal. If you have a big home and you don’t want cleaning to take forever, you can use professional steam cleaners – they are bigger than domestic cleaners, easy to use and can literally clean any surface.

Air ionizer

Ionizer purifies the air in your home through electrical neutralization of large positive ions of dust, cigarette smoke, odours, pollen and other allergens and thus decreases their stressful influence on your body. Air ionizer may not help you save money, but it will certainly help you save your health.

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