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Types Of Hurricane Shutters

July 9, 2015

Hurricane shutters are needed to protect our home from flying debris that can shatter the glass and endanger the occupants. Broken windows could also have another significant consequence. When the window breaks, the wind will build an increasingly higher pressure inside the home and it will look for a way to quickly relieve itself. Eventually, the pressure will be high enough to push our roof up from inside, while the hurricane outside will suck our roof off. This is obviously a double whammy that our house may not be able to withstand. Roof can be pushed upwards and sucked off from our home not only from the external forces, but also because it is being pushed from the inside. It’s very sad to see our roof ends up becoming unrecognizable debris in someone else’s backyard. Fortunately, there are many shutter styles that can help us protect our office and home.

Roll shutters are obviously the easiest and most convenient hurricane shutter option in the market. It is designed to fit any opening and we can use crank handles ti operate it manually. There are manual overrides that can help is motorize the shutters. It can be automated with timed closing and opening, based on information taken from the external wind sensor. When no one is inside, the shutter will be closed when the wind velocity exceed specific preset value. For this reason, we should use roll shutters for ease of operation, since it can be combined with insulation and security features. When properly installed, roll up shutters should have very little impacts on the architectural design of our property. Alternatively, we can use Bahama and Colonial shutters for improved architectural looks. In the event of fierce wind, they can be easily secured and closed.

Accordion shutters could also offer impressive security and protection against storm. These shutters are usually secured from outside, however, we can also secure them from the inside. It is especially true if we use sliding windows as the opening. However, this could make it more difficult for the doors and windows on the second floor to swing outward. In addition, accordion shutters will significantly affect the exterior looks of the building. But, we can minimize the effect by performing careful installation. Storm panels are also effective and simple hurricane protection and they can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on which way the can work best for an opening. Permanently installed sills and headers can make it easier for us to set up storm panels. To improve the visual appearance, it is possible to paint the sidewalk head and if not in use, we should securely and safely store the panels, especially because children love to create makeshift house with panels. It is a good idea to install panels during hurricane season, because it’s no fun installing them when the wind is blowing strongly. However, panels can make our interior darker, but this is still a good alternative than having debris flying inside our house.

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