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How To Keep Garage Doors Resistant

July 28, 2015

There is a purpose for us all installing garage doors at home. We don’t just fancy to have one more door to control in the house or spend a large portion of our savings on a new door! The purpose is for security reasons. Clients want to be able to sleep at night knowing that our car is parked in a secure place and all possessions in the garage are protected, too. What people often fail to consider is that our choices determine security outcome. Once our overhead door is neglected, we start wondering about possible security issues and safety hazards. If the door is not resistant enough to keep every single threat out of a house, this is a failure in accomplishing the mission.

Let’s explain why garage systems must be strong and the door resistant:

* Materials used for the construction of doors are affected by the elements. Wood warps, steel erodes, and such damage weaken doors. Their condition will further deteriorate if hit by flying debris during high winds and might not be able to remain intact or closed when we depend on them to protect us.

* Garage door parts erode, too. They are made of steel and obtain rust if not maintained on a regular basis. They won’t only produce loud noises, but will fail to perform adequately. If this happens, the door might jam or remain slightly open.

* If the door remains open even by a few inches, thieves will be invited in; rainwater will enter the garage along with mice and insects.

* If parts are damaged and the overall performance of the door is unsatisfactory, safety will be compromised. Doors don’t fall easily, but they do. Garage door springs snap and safety sensors won’t protect if they are not maintained properly.

The Door Lasts Longer when Painted Occasionally

To keep the door and whole system resistant you must start taking garage door maintenance seriously. Although regular maintenance services include an overall inspection, lubrication, and repairs, one should never forget to take care of the door, too. Take some time to clean and paint it. Inevitably, the door will be dirty and some parts of the old painting might have peeled off. It’s good to sand the entire door surface. After all, the color will adhere better when the surface is sanded. Before you do anything, disengage the garage door opener for opening and closing the door from outside manually. If you are planning to paint the door with a similar color, you won’t need more than one gallon of paint for average single car doors. When you clean and sand the door, pay attention to the bottom part where most dirt is accumulated.

In order to avoid cleaning afterwards, cover the floor with an old rag, and cover the garage door tracks. Paint splashes might obstruct the proper movement of the door later. Stir well the paint and read the instructions in case it needs to be mixed with water. It’s best to start painting the door from bottom upwards. Do not paint the gasket at the bottom part unless it was painted before and must be repainted now. If you don’t plan to paint the trim around the door, be careful with your brush or even better cover it with tape. Be careful when painting the upper and lower edges of each panel. You must give them some time to dry out or they might stick together. In addition, avoid painting the garage door hinges.

When the door is painted, the material is more resistant, at least two elements. Don’t forget to maintain the parts and don’t hesitate to call Garage Door Repair Elk Grove should you need repairs or help with any of these tasks.

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