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Reasons Why Your Sinks and Showers Keep Getting Clogged

April 23, 2021

A drain clog is not uncommon, but it can cause serious issues if not repaired promptly. A backed-up drain in your sink, shower, or basement can result in messy flooding that is odorous and challenging to clean. Here are some of the common ways that a drain can get clogged.

Dumping the Wrong Substances

Some people think they can pour anything down the drain, and it will flow right through the plumbing system. They might even try to force semisolids like mud or mushy food. But drains are made to carry water primarily, and occasionally other fluids like dishwater. You should only pour into the drain the substance it is intended to convey. Never assume if you can just stuff the leftover pasta into the drain that it will somehow eventually dissolve.

Unfiltered Debris

In addition to pouring the wrong things into a drain, problems may develop if you don’t use a filter to trap substances in the fluid that will not fit in the drain naturally. For example, pouring leftover soup in the sink might seem like a good idea, but any small bits of meat or vegetables can accumulate in the drain and clog it. Use a mesh or plastic filter over your drains to catch unintended byproducts of the fluids being flushed. Wash the filter when it starts to fill, or replace it with a new one if it is disposable.

Corroded or Damaged Stopper or Filter

When bathing the dog in the basement over the floor drain, a stopper or filter needs to be in place to catch fallout fur from your pet. Otherwise, clumps of hair can be washed into the drain past a damaged stopper or filter and build up to cause barriers in the drain. Check these pieces frequently to ensure they are still working effectively.

Insufficient Rinsing

With or without a filter, if you are rinsing objects or pets inadequately, the residue can slide into the drain and cause a blockage without enough water to keep it moving through the plumbing pipeline. Thoroughly rinse whatever you are washing to remove suds or grit, so that the wash water can safely pass through the drain. If the drain gets clogged, call a plumber for assistance on clearing the stoppage without using harsh chemicals or expensive tools.

We all take drains for granted sometimes. But we need to keep them clear, so they can continue to rinse away residue and debris that can safely navigate the kitchen, bathroom, or basement drains.

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