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Reasons Why Your Water Pressure May Be Low

April 20, 2016

Low water pressure in a home is a problem that is usually caused by degraded plumbing, and finding a solution for this problem often requires hiring a plumber. A low water pressure problem might be temporary or permanent, but you can troubleshoot the problem on your own before contacting a plumbing company. Depending on the reason for the low water pressure, you might need to have repairs performed by a plumber or fix the problem on your own.

One: Water Main Break

A water main break is a common reason for low water pressure that occurs without warning, and this is a problem that is probably happening throughout your neighborhood because a large underground water line has cracked, reducing water pressure for everyone on the same system. It is also possible that a local water company is flushing the water line to remove sediments. If you have a fire hydrant located nearby, then low water pressure is possible while its water is being used to put out a fire. You can call your fire department’s headquarters or contact a water company to determine if these reasons are why there is low water pressure.

Two: Defective Pipes, Connectors and Valves inside a Home

Low water pressure while using a faucet or shower can indicate that a pipe has broken due to degradation of its materials or because water froze in the line causing it to burst. A tiny water leak from the pipes leading to bathrooms or a kitchen can cause a reduction in water pressure. When a pipe has a crack, it requires immediate repair because the defect will get worse, spilling moisture on surfaces. If you suspect that a pipe has broken, then turn off the water at your home’s main valve. Begin to perform an inspection of visible pipes or look for water spots on floors, walls or ceilings to determine where the problem is located. It is possible for you to replace a broken pipe, valve or connector when you have the proper tools and expertise, but you can also call a plumber for this repair.

Three: Pipes Filled with Sediments

If you live in a region with hard water but have never installed a water softener, then a home’s pipes may fill with sediments that prevent the proper flow of water. Alternatively, when the pipes in your home are ancient, the items will begin to degrade on the inside, making it difficult for water to flow. No matter what the reason is for clogged water pipes, you need to find a way to solve the problem. In some cases, a plumber can replace a few pipes to make it easier for water to flow correctly, but you may need to opt for a complete repiping that requires several days or weeks to finish.

How Plumbers can Fix Low Water Pressure Problems

One of the best ways to determine why a home has low water pressure is with leak detection from a professional plumber. A plumber is able to turn off all of the fixtures in a home and the main line before checking the water meter. If the water meter continues to show that water is being used in the home, then that means that there is a leak somewhere that requires repair.

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