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Remodeling For The Future

November 20, 2015

Thinking about completing a home remodel? Don’t just think about the home features you need now. If you hope to age in place, plan for the future with your home remodel to maximize the project’s benefits and to minimize the costs. Here are some tips for effectively remodeling your property for the future.

Hire the Right Contractor

According to Remodeling for the Future: Aging in Place, if you want to plan your remodel around future needs but aren’t sure what those needs will be, you may benefit from working with a contractor who specializes in aging in place remodels. A contractor who specializes in completing remodels that help homeowners age in place can provide suggestions on which changes you should and shouldn’t include in the remodel. The professional may also have suggestions for how to get the most benefits out the remodel for less money.

Choose the Right Appliances

Need to upgrade your home’s current appliances? Invest in quality options that have reputations for lasting many years. Also, think about the features you’ll need in the appliances as you age. For example, a refrigerator with adjacent compartments may be better than one with top and bottom compartments. This may be the better option because it will be easier to access as you become less mobile through retirement.

By investing in quality appliances, you’ll avoid having to replace them shortly. And, by choosing ones that are best for retirees, you’ll enjoy increased accessibility and convenience through retirement.

Install New Flooring

Does your home’s current flooring need to be replaced? Consider replacing it with textured flooring. Textured flooring helps minimize the risk of falls, which will become a top concern as you age in place. Wood floors, tile floors, and other flooring options are all now available in textured varieties. If you’re unsure how to begin the search, visit your local flooring store and ask a representative to recommend flooring options that are known for minimizing the chance of slips and falls.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Upgrading your home’s lighting as part of the property’s remodel will be a fairly small, but important task. Adding better lighting throughout the home will provide the light you’ll need through retirement to feel safe and secure at home. Sufficient lighting in hallways, bathrooms, and other spaces can also help minimize the risk of a fall.

Increase Accessibility

The main focus of your home remodel that will help you age in place in the future should be to increase accessibility throughout the property. For example, if you plan to add on a room to the property, consider expanding the doorway, minimizing steps in the space and more. A focus on increased accessibility will provide the future convenience and safety you’ll need through retirement.

Maximize the benefits of your home remodel by thinking of the home features you’ll need now and in the future. Here are 17 Contractor Hiring Tips that will help you in finding the right professional. By planning your remodel around future needs, you can avoid having to complete another future remodel and can instead enjoy the property through retirement.

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