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Small Kitchen Renovations To Add A Fresh Shine In The New Year

By GokyB
January 5, 2016

Renovating your kitchen can be a great way to add some freshness in the New Year. You can make small changes to enhance functionality and make your cooking and dining area more appealing. Here are a few things you can do.

Refurbish Countertops

Refurbish your kitchen countertops to achieve a new look without spending a lot. There are various stylish options to consider. A faux granite finish is a good choice if you want your kitchen to look modern. You can also consider stick-on sheets with metallic or granite-like finishes. A new coat of paint on the countertops is another simple way to update your kitchen.

Mount Modern Hardy Sink

Install a modern sink in your kitchen to make it stand out. You can choose from a wide selection of contemporary materials including ceramic, stainless steel or granite. There are various designs to select from including undermount, apron front, and drop-in sinks. Some sink experts advise to select a material and design that will work well with the rest of your kitchen decor, not just to pick one that’s attractive on first sight. You also need to think about how you use your sink. A hardy sink is a great choice because you can use it for several years without replacing.

Add a Stylish Faucet

Another easy way to renovate your kitchen is to install a stylish faucet. A modern faucet can be the centerpiece in your kitchen. A stunning faucet will attract attention, making it one of the best upgrades in a kitchen. Faucets come in various styles including pull out spout, fixed, pull down, two handle or singe handle. A modern faucet will offer a quiet and consistent water flow and enhanced functionality without taking up a lot of space on your sink.

Install Wall Shelf for Potted Herbs

Upgrade your kitchen with a wall shelf where you can place different potted herbs. The shelf will make your space more attractive without taking up too much space. Potted herbs will also come in handy to brighten up the space and allow you to spice up your meals with natural ingredients. The plants can also make your kitchen appear cozier. You can install the shelf on a corner to maximize available space. However, bear in mind that all those pots put a great pressure and weight on a shelf. Therefore, it needs to be securely attached to a wall by using quality screws from trusted manufacturers,  ensuring shelf’s stability thus giving you the enormous joy of a great decor element as well as its usefulness.

Renew Kitchen Table and Chairs

Renew your kitchen furniture to add some fresh shine. You can choose to replace your existing table and chairs with a more contemporary design. Another option is to simply repaint them to create a completely new look. Painting is an affordable and easy way to enhance a room.

Replace the fabric on your kitchen chairs to get a new look. Choose a fabric that will work well with existing décor.

You can also change your old kitchen table top with a ceramic one for a modern look. Transform your old wooden table with some glass and nail head trim.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is the place you gather with family and friends to socialize and share meals. Small renovations can make it cozier and more functional. Try these ideas to add fresh shine in the coming year.

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  • I like your kitchen renovation idea. Specially about installing wall shelf for potted herbs.

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