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The Various Materials Used In Making Window Blinds

August 4, 2015

Window blinds allows you to maintain privacy and keep the unwanted dust and sun rays from entering the room interiors. These covers are particularly useful in hot summer seasons when the rays of the sun are at its fiercest. This is a blessing for people who have to work at night and have to sleep during the day time.

No matter wherever one visits, one would always find such shades installed on the windows and in among those covers, there are a few things which one would find common. These window covers are made using several materials. Here are some of the common materials which are used in the making of window blinds available in the market.


Aluminum blinds are light in weight, extremely durable are very neat and comprise of anti-corrosive quantities. Window covers which are made using aluminum are cool and comprise of a clinical look, making it best suited for contemporary houses. They are the best options for bathrooms and kitchens which have high humidity. They are easy to install and are quite adequate in keeping the rooms dark. They also help reflect the light back during the winters. One would find these blinds in an array of color combinations and are also quite easy to maintain.


Wood is always preferred as an effective component in decorating homes and offices. Wood is also a wonderful insulator and is known for its versatility and durability. That is why so many companies also make use of wood while making window covers. It can be varnished or for that matter stained to match any room interior. These covers are easily cleanable and are considered great options for bedrooms and living rooms. However the thing about these covers is that they are a bit expensive in comparison to the other covers in the market and but with the kind of light blockage and look it brings to homes of office interiors, it is worth every penny spent.


Another popular material which is used in the making window blinds is this special and versatile plastic. It is known for its long-lasting characteristics which are resistant to the extremities of temperature and the UV rays. Plus the fact that they need so much little maintenance is what accounts for its mass appeal. They are also available in several designs and colors and come in cost-effective rates.


Owing to its, design, they are quite heavy in its weight and is raised and lowered using an easy pull system. They were a popular option in the earlier days but if one compare it to the rest of the blinds in the market; they are still considered to be the most effective in blocking sunlight and keeping the rooms dark and cool. However the low points about covers made with fabrics is that it is very difficult to maintain and washing them can prove to quite hectic. Also they are not so much dust or germ repellent and on account of that one may find that dust particles and accumulate easily.

Therefore, before you shop for window blinds, always make it a point to compare the ones available in the market and make a wise choice accordingly.

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