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Tips For Improving The Layout Of Your Bathroom The Next Time You Remodel

October 7, 2020

Remodeling your bathroom lets you fix any flaws as well as reconfigure the layout to better meet your current or future needs. Whatever your renovation budget, you can make major improvements to the bathroom without spending huge amounts of money. Here are some ideas for enhancing your bathroom design.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

People update their bathrooms for various reasons like illness, aging, or an expanding family. The bathroom is also a key selling point if you decide to put your house on the market, so upgrading the bathroom can increase the overall value of the house. Think ahead to what your future bathroom needs might be, such as caring for an elderly relative or having a baby. Planning the type of layout and fixtures that will work best for your needs will help your bathroom remodeling project go smoother.

Install Extra Storage Options

Include shelving under the sink, behind the toilet, or along a bare wall to hold all of your bathroom essentials. Linens, bathing products, grooming and hygiene items, and miscellaneous goods can be tucked away in your new storage areas for easy access when needed. A window seat with cupboard space makes another attractive and functional element for your bathroom upgrade.

Consider Safety Features

Safety is always important, but the bathroom can be a particularly dangerous area, especially for those with mobility issues. To overcome those, consider adding a few safety features when you update your bathroom. For example, choose a new shower and tub with grab bars to help prevent falls while bathing. A new shower drain may improve water flow to reduce backups or clogs. Toilet handle bars for older people or those with mobility issues are useful. Enlarge the toilet area to accommodate wheelchair access, along with a wider door access. Install flooring that is non-skid and water resistant to avoid slippery surfaces. Adjust the height of the toilet, countertop, and mirror or grooming area for family members who are short in stature or wheelchair bound.

Create a Spacious Design

The entire bathroom can be reconfigured as a larger space for ease of access for every family member. Plan for plenty of room to open closet doors or cupboard drawers as well as getting in and out of the bathtub or shower. Include overhead lighting or wall sconces that are easy to reach, along with an overhead fan switch that lets you quickly remove humidity following baths and showers.

Because we spend so much time in the bathroom, it is important to utilize a renovation to install helpful features to make life simpler and more convenient. Start planning your bathroom remodel now for a well-designed layout.

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