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Tips For Stylizing Your Home’s Exterior

March 26, 2021

Updating your home’s exterior can give it a whole new look and possibly increase its value. There are several things you can do all at once or spread out over time to give your house a facelift. Here are some exciting and often affordable ways to stylize the outside of your home.

Re-side Your House

You may want to replace aluminum siding or a wood façade of your home with vinyl siding for a more lasting and durable veneer. Quality siding is available in many colors and styles to coordinate with your home’s design and structure. A clean, fresh look can make your house look completely different and infinitely improved. Installing new siding is an excellent way to reimagine your home’s appearance and style.

Replace the Windows and Shutters

New windows, with or without coordinating new frames, could brighten your home’s appearance and help to modernize the overall appearance. You might choose windows of different sizes from their current style and possibly include one that is distinctive as a special accent to the home, like bay windows or a stained glass window. Older shutters that are faded or chipped can be repainted or replaced to go with your current windows or new ones.

Repaint the Front Door and Porch

The front entrance to your house is a key aspect of what people or even passersby see first. The door you have now can possibly be painted or updated; alternately, you can get a new door to go with the updated siding and windows. Paint the front porch or stoop to create a welcoming look enhanced by potted flowers or a seasonal door wreath.

Upgrade the Landscaping

It might be time to update or replace the landscaping closest to your house in order to remove old foliage that doesn’t blend well with the new look. Fresh mulch adds a clean dimension to the overhaul in your home’s exterior. This is a great time to plant flowers, shrubs, or miniature trees that will complete the new look of the outside of your home.

Install Lawn Lighting

A light post with a design that matches the home improvements adds night-time lighting as well as style. Ground lights along the sidewalk or driveway serve a utilitarian purpose while contributing a bit of mystique. Add a front porch ceiling light with a matching design to illuminate the exterior of your home at night.

Updates like these can restore the pride and enjoyment you have for your property. Look into the home improvements that fit your budget to get the house you have always wanted.

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