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Top Home Improvement Online Apps

March 29, 2016

Whether you are already someone who enjoys to do handy work at home or you are just starting out, modern technology has made home improvement something that anyone can do. There are so many apps available to assist you with projects, but it can difficult to find the best ones. This list of the top four will help you accomplish everything you need to get done at home.

  • My Measures & Dimensions. Measuring an area before you begin work on it is extremely important. This app will keep track of your measurements and will even allow you to take a picture of the area and give you dimensional measurements.
  • TapPainter. If you want to test out a paint color on a wall without actually painting a portion of the wall, then this app is for you. Not only will it show you what the color will look like on the wall, but it also takes into account wall edges, shadows, and even lighting distribution to give you an accurate idea of what the color will look like on your wall.
  • RoomScan. You can easily get the dimensions of any room with this app. All you have to do is tap the walls with your phone and you will get a detailed floor space plan for the room. This app comes in very handy while moving or renovating a space.
  • Handy. The last app on the list is the home improvement app for people who do not want to do any of the handy work. On Handy, you can find any kind of home improvement specialist that you need and you can even schedule the service from the app.
  • When you need to fax over data to a contractor and you are not by a fax machine or have access to one, use which is secure, inexpensive, and can be used from your phone. They even offer a risk free trial.

Guessing games are essentially a part of the past with the merge of modern technology and home improvement. These five apps can help you tremendously on a variety of projects.

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