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What Can Cause The Need For A Roof Replacement?

December 1, 2020

Without a roof, your home will be exposed to all the forces of Mother Nature, quickly resulting in major problems. That’s why it’s important to stay aware of your roof’s condition so that you can act quickly when replacement is necessary. Understanding the conditions that require a roof replacement will put you in a better position to act to ensure you don’t waste money.

Improve Energy-Efficiency

When it comes to energy-efficiency, not all types of roofs are created equal. If you want to lower your utility bills, it could make sense to replace your roof with a material that better reflects the heat from the sun in the summer and traps heat in your home during the winter. Metal roofs and slate tile roofs, in particular, are excellent choices because they allow for plenty of air circulation, ensuring that your home can breathe to properly regulate its temperature.

Age-Related Issues

Since the average expected lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is about 20 years, you’re more likely to need a roof replacement due to age-related issues than any other issue. Over time, the constant exposure to the elements can begin to break down asphalt shingles to the point that they curl, leak, and generally wear out. Different roofing materials will age in different ways, some having much longer lifespans depending on the wear from the weather in the area. Therefore, it’s important to know the age of your roof as well as understand the type so that you can understand if it will soon be due for replacement.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is another common culprit behind roof replacement. Wind, hail, heavy snow, and other natural forces can break, blow away, and damaged shingles. Anytime that there has been a significant weather event in your area, it’s a good idea to have a professional roofer come to your home and inspect your roof for signs of damage. While you may be tempted to leave minor storm damage untended, any defect in your roof can lead to more extensive damage later. Better to at least get a repair estimate than to allow the elements access to the wood underneath your roofing material.

Improper Installation

In some cases, it may become necessary to replace even a young roof due to improper installation. One of the most common issues that you’ll run into is finding a new roof that has been installed without removing the materials from the old roof. Although this approach can save money on installation, it can sometimes leave degenerative problems unnoticed until it is too late. If your roof had rot, mold, or severe structural issues that were simply tiled over, then those issues will still come back to hurt you later and cause damage to the new roof. That’s why it’s vital to choose a reliable and trustworthy roofer that will do a thorough inspection of the problems of the old roof before attempting to install a new one over the top of it.

Anytime that you’re given a diagnosis on your roof, it’s beneficial to get a second opinion when possible. Comparing estimates and quotes can help you find the best prices available in your area and ensure that you get the best replacement job. Once you’ve found a preferred roofer for your project, work closely with them so you can be fully aware of what is happening with your roof every step of the way.

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