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Beautifully Unique Walkways You Can Incorporate Into Your Landscaping

March 31, 2020

A beautiful pathway can draw the eye and enhance the flow and look of any garden or yard. There are many options for unique walkways, and finding the right combination of ideas for yours can make your landscaping truly stand out.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are a popular choice for garden walkways because they are easy to install and offer a variety of design options. Stepping stones are available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and the natural appearance often blends well with the surrounding landscape. Stepping stones can be laid with gravel between them or placed directly over grass. You can also opt to plant trailing vines or small herbs, such as thyme, between the stones. This not only looks beautiful but also scents the air when the path is walked on.


Brick offer a great deal of opportunity for creativity. Usually, you’ll find brick that are a deep, beautiful red, which adds a touch of eye-catching, earthy color to your yard. The bricks themselves can be laid in any number of interesting patterns. Brick pavers can them out straight, as they would in a brick wall, or placing them in a fancier herringbone pattern. They can also make more intricate and customized patterns with them as well.

As beautiful as they are, bricks are also a financially prudent choice as well. They are durable, inexpensive, and withstand weather well. If you do need to replace a brick, for whatever reason, it should be relatively easy to find a replacement that matches what you already have.

Wood Lengths or Slices

For a rustic, natural look, wood is an excellent option for a walkway. This gives gardeners a number of creative options as well. Recycled wooden planks, such as pieces from old pallets, can be repurposed to act as a beautiful walkway. Cross slices from felled trees are also an excellent choice and look even more natural. When using recycled wood pieces or tree slices, you should always seal the wood, stained or not, in order to weatherproof it.

Wood Mulch

For a simple, natural walkway that blends seamlessly into the landscape, mulch is an excellent option. You will only need to define the path boundaries and fill in the mulch to create this sort of walkway, so it’s time-efficient. You can also choose from a variety of different types of wood mulch in order to find a color that suits your taste and the theme of the garden. However, every year or two, you’ll have to replace the mulch. Keep an eye out for decomposition, and re-mulch when the walkway looks worn.

Creating a beautiful walkway that blends well with the surrounding landscape may seem complicated. However, by doing a bit of planning, considering what will work best in your garden, and allowing your creativity to take charge, you will often find that designing a garden walkway is not only easy but fun.

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